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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Slidell, LA

If the Big Easy is known for anything being by the bayou—it’s hot and humid summers. While our mild winters aren’t anything extreme, the heat we experience can range anywhere from a drag to being quite dangerous. Let’s face it, your Slidell, LA business doesn’t have to deal with a faulty AC system that keeps breaking down when it’s most inconvenient.

Gowland's Heating & A/C was founded by Sam Gowland, who became a staple point in our community after the events of Hurricane Katrina. He worked feverishly to meet the urgent needs of customers, both residential and commercial, requiring countless replacement AC systems that were destroyed by the flood. Sam’s experience in this community has earned a reputation for trust and reliability, principles that we practice right up to this day.

If you’re in a jam, remember to call Sam! Relationship over revenue.

A Professionally Installed Solution

Commercial air conditioners need to be installed by a professional team, full stop. That’s because commercial cooling is an extremely energy-intensive, complicated process that requires components you can’t afford to have mishandled. Not only can amateur service put you in the awkward situation of needing an early replacement, it will be a huge drag on your business expenses going forward.

Professionals need to accurately size up the amount of air necessary to be treated in your building by a commercial air conditioner. That means using specialized equipment and a detailed approach to measure the cubic feet of air within the entirety of your commercial space! Don’t trust this process to any amateur or the cheapest team you can find. Call our team today.

Maintenance Improves the Commercial Cooling Process

Every building HVAC system is going to need commercial air conditioning repair eventually. However, maintenance makes that process less painful, less frequent, and less expensive. If that doesn’t sound like it’s worth your money, then we don’t really know what is!

Purchasing commercial AC maintenance means a qualified technician can come in and inspect your system once every year for a routine check-up. Maintenance communicates directly to you if any components are not functioning correctly, any processes aren’t running at peak performance or efficiency, or there are repairs in the future. This means you can plan your commercial AC repairs on your budget and time, while you gear yourself up to feel better knowing there aren’t any surprises on the horizon. We’re the team to call here in Slidell, LA.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair by the Best

In those rare but inconvenient moments when a surprise issue does come up, with Gowland's Heating & A/C in Slidell, LA, you know we’ll be there on time. Whether you’ve got an electrical issue with your ductless mini splits installed throughout your small business, or the commercial evaporator coil inside your rooftop unit is starting to lose its effectiveness, we’ve got the tools and the training to address the root of the problem.

We’re going to be honest with you, repairs can be pricey when they take you by surprise. That’s why we’ll always be there to offer comprehensive replacement service when you think having your commercial AC system repaired just isn’t worth it financially. With our team, there’s little we can’t do to ensure your commercial AC needs are taken care of. Call us today!

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