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Home Performances Services in Slidell, LA

Home performance is not just about minor tweaks and adjustments to make sure your home is working together—it involves specific pieces of technology that can save you time, energy, and keep your appliances as efficient as possible. From energy audits, to Laundry Pro, even to generator and insulation services, Gowland's Heating & A/C provides state-of-the-art technological solutions for your home systems.

If you’re looking for a local family-owned contractor in Slidell, LA that’s got heart in it, then we’re the team for you. It takes a special team to exceed customer expectations, while also keeping in mind that we’re servicing our community—which consists of our friends and neighbors. There’s nothing more important to us than providing the quality service you’ve grown to expect. When you’re in a jam, it’s always a good idea to call Sam!

Call our team for your home performance needs because we’re available at your convenience, not ours! Relationship over revenue.

We Perform Extensive Energy Audits

Is your Slidell, LA home functioning as efficiently as possible? How much energy are all your appliances consuming? Well, it’s time to stop guessing and get some solid numbers. Having an energy audit will fine-tune your efficiency in the future, giving you complete control over your energy usage. Contact our team today for an expert-run energy.

Give your home a new lease on life by upgrading your electrical system where it can be the most cost-effective. Homes that are older, with less sound infrastructure, or with aging appliances scattered throughout them, could drastically benefit from a home energy assessment.

High-Tech Generators and Laundry Pro Installations

We both know that generators can be the difference between a nightmare scenario and a fun family experience when a storm hits in Slidell, LA. Having a whole-house generator will ease your worries and keep you more secure to brace the weather. Let a team of professionally trained technical experts install your new generator and keep you happy when the next storm hits.

Aside from our generators, we also offer Laundry Pro as another high-tech piece of home performance equipment. Laundry Pro is a new, state-of-the-art cold-water laundry system that make clothes softer and creates a better feel for sensitive skin. If you’re concerned with your home comfort and having a quality laundry system, don’t pass up on the opportunity to have a Laundry Pro system installed.

Insulation Can Make All the Difference in Your Energy Bills

Insulation can save you money and keep your home more comfortable than you might realize. Well-done insulation services can be an integral part of keeping your HVAC systems running efficiently here in Slidell, LA, while a poorly done insulation service could provide a plethora of problems that you’ll have headaches dealing with. Call our team for comprehensive insulation service.

This isn’t just an issue when it comes to air conditioning. Insulation helps all year round, since it allows both your heater and air conditioner to consume less energy and function more easily. If less air is escaping from your home, you’ll retain the precious treated air that you’ve paid so much money for. Contact us today if you’re interested in quality insulation work in Slidell, LA.

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