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Indoor Air Quality Services in Slidell, LA

Indoor air quality often tends to get overlooked, since a home that’s too hot or too cold can be easily noticeable and will prompt a service call. However, homeowners can sometimes go weeks, months, or even years breathing in harmful particles or bacteria without ever lifting a finger to change that.

That’s why our team at Gowland's Heating & A/C is trying to spread awareness in Slidell, LA to have more homes infused with indoor air quality technology. With our dedication to the pursuit of comfort and exceeding our customers’ expectations, we’re uniquely able to provide affordable and effective indoor air quality solutions. Don’t call the a phoneline where you’ll be on hold trying to get help for the air that’s constantly making you sick. Call our team, where we’re available at your convenience—not ours.

Is your poor indoor air quality putting you in a jam? Call Sam! Relationship over revenue.

Let Us Design Your Ducts

Your ductwork should fit your exact specifications to do its job correctly. Ductwork that’s designed in a faulty or irresponsible way ends up functioning less efficiently and is more prone to breaking down. Work with one of our specialists to figure out a duct design that works for your home and HVAC system.

Having well-designed air ducts can also make it easier for your air filtration and purification systems to function effectively. High-tech equipment like UV air purifiers work inside your air ducts, so they’re out of sight and out of mind. This can be difficult if your air ducts aren’t properly designed for them. By having a team like ours on standby, you’ve got access to a technical approach that will make sure it all works together effectively in the end.

Humidity the Way You Want It

Comfort is rarely only a temperature issue. When temperatures get hot down here in Slidell, LA, they get humid as well. Humidity can range anywhere from a mild annoyance to crushing when it comes to making you uncomfortable and feel hotter than you might otherwise. A whole-house dehumidifier can combat these issues with ease.

When things freeze in the winter, our eyes, skin, and nose can feel the consequences of dry air. That’s why on the flipside, having a humidifier for the wintertime when our bodies begin to feel the adverse effects of dry air, can be a huge benefit. Keep you and your family healthy with a humidifier or a dehumidifier this year. Learn more about our whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Recover Your Energy While Enjoying Fresh Air

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators, also known as HRVs and ERVs, are amazing ways to cycle fresh air into your home without having to open a window. On days where the heat and humidity will not leave you alone, but you’re getting tired of your stuffy indoor air, let an ERV cycle fresh air into your house while it keeps it cool with your air conditioner.

These systems can be vital when your indoor air feels like it’s too stuffy, but temperatures outside aren’t mild enough for you to effectively open your window without hurting your AC or heater. Let one of our specialists show you how fresh your air can be with an HRV or ERV today!

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