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Air Filtration and Air Purification Systems in Slidell, LA

Whether you could use an air filtration system or an air purification system, both can be used for increasing the overall air quality of your home. If you’re constantly fighting off germs and viruses, dealing with an unbearable amount of pet dander and dust, or just unhappy in general with your indoor air quality, an air filter or purifier could be right for you.

However, to substantially increase the quality of your air, you’re going to need the handiwork of a professional HVAC company like Gowland's Heating & A/C. We’re American Standard pros, Trane Comfort Specialists, Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors, and NATE certified. This means we’re uniquely experienced to perform quality NASA Air Scrubber installation or air filter repair. Work with a team that schedules at your convenience—not ours.

If you find yourself in an air quality jam, make sure you call Sam! Relationship over revenue.

Slidell, LA Air Filtration and Air Purification Systems

Air filters can contribute to an easily breathable environment just as well as air purification systems, but they provide services that differ greatly. An air filter will use microfibers to catch even the smallest microorganisms and particles that could negatively affect your health. By using an air filtration system, you’ll keep your air clear of any dust, debris, pet dander, and smoke particulates that would otherwise cause harm to your respiratory system.

An air purifier uses ultraviolet light or charged ions that can eliminate harmful microorganisms, rendering them effectively harmless. If you have family members who are elderly or have an autoimmune disease, this can dramatically increase their quality of life. Say goodbye to the mold, common viruses, and bacteria that would normally cause harm with state-of-the-art technology working behind the scenes in your air ducts.

Quality Air Filtration Installation and Replacement

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new NASA Air Scrubber or a UV air purifier, you deserve a team that will correctly install the system right from the gate. Not only that, but faulty systems deserve to be replaced when they stop benefitting your home. UV air purifiers use ultraviolet lights that need to be replaced over time, which is why a sound air purification system installation is necessary for such technology.

Let us take care of your air filtration or air purification system the right way. We can perform thorough air filtration system installation and replacement, so that you’re covered from the beginning to the end of your indoor air quality system’s lifespan. Don’t gamble with the use of an amateur, let the professionals take the reins.

Sign Up for Our IAQ Maintenance Program

Have you been dealing with a faulty air filtration system that’s just not running at the right efficiency? There could absolutely be something wrong with it, but you’re never going to get to the bottom of it unless you’ve got a certified professional in Slidell, LA there to address it. We provide extensive air filtration and air purification system repairs and maintenance for an all-affordable price.

Maintenance is the key you need to keep your systems running appropriately without having to worry about it. Constant repairs can be obnoxious and can cause huge amounts of stress for you and your family. Instead of calling for help every few weeks, sign up for maintenance to get a heads up from a professional technician whenever something looks fishy in your IAQ system.

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