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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Slidell, LA

If you’re looking for a high-tech solution to your stuffy indoor air problem, then heat and energy recovery ventilators might be the right system for you! The truth is, when you’re running an air conditioner or a heater, you can’t afford to open a window for fresh air because your utility bill will skyrocket with the extra work your HVAC system puts in. These systems will solve that issue easily.

A high-tech solution requires a high-tech team, so it’s no wonder so many homeowners in Slidell, LA choose Gowland's Heating & A/C for their HRV and ERV needs. We’ve got one of the best warranties in the business, our products are made in the USA, and we’re absolutely dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. We even offer a free estimate when you contact us for IAQ service!

If you’re looking for professional, knowledgeable technicians to install your ERV or HRV system, call us today! Relationship over revenue.

How Does Heat or Energy Recovery Work?

By using a process called counter-flow heat exchange, a heat recovery ventilator can transfer the heat from the treated air inside your home, to fresh air that comes from the outdoors. The air is filtered and exchanged, so that 70%–80% of the heat in your home is kept for you to enjoy, while you get an abundance of fresh air from your heat recovery ventilator that smells, tastes, and feels like it just came from outside!

This isn’t relegated just to heat, since we’ve got energy recovery ventilators as well that can transfer the cooling power from air that has been treated by your air conditioner. So, if you’re stuck inside during a heat wave, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh air while keeping it cool and treated to your comfort standards.

Get Full Service with Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation

Whether you’re looking for an HRV system or an ERV system, you’re not going to get far without professional installation or replacement service that’s offered by an experienced, NATE-certified technician. If you work with an amateur to have your HRV system installed, we can almost guarantee that there will be repairs in the future and you’ll grow to regret it.

With our team, your ERV system will be accurately installed by professionals with years of experience who are qualified to service your comfort systems. These types of systems require calculating the amount of air that must be treated in order to make your home have the fresh air it needs, which is why a professional team with the right equipment is absolutely necessary.

Don’t Miss Out on HRV or ERV Maintenance

Did we mentioned that we provide HRV and ERV maintenance as well as repairs in Slidell, LA? These systems are just as complicated as your humidifier or your air conditioner, which is why it’s generally a good idea to have an experienced technician perform a check-up every year. This can be done conveniently as well, while your service professional checks on your other HVAC systems.

That’s why we say we like scheduling appointments at your convenience, not ours. When you’re free for a few hours one day, we can come and thoroughly check your HVAC system, including your ERV and HRV systems to ensure that everything is running smoothly. We’ll let you know if there is an inclement repair required and we’ll schedule another appointment as soon as possible. Contact the pros today!

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