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Laundry Pro in Slidell, LA

Are you looking for a hyper-efficient, state-of-the-art technological solution for your laundry needs? Laundry Pro isn’t offered by every contractor in Slidell, LA, which means you’d normally have to search far and wide for a laundry solution as comprehensive as this. Luckily for you, we offer Laundry Pro services that range from installation, to repair, and even maintenance that can keep your life from being disturbed.

Try asking around the community—we can assure you that the best (and probably the only) Laundry Pro service comes from Gowland's Heating & A/C. When it comes to this system, we’re uniquely dedicated to the pursuit of comfort and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We’ll even provide you with a free estimate when it comes to the installation of a Laundry Pro system. Give us a call today!

Treat yourself to a state-of-the-art Laundry Pro installation today. Relationship over revenue.

A Laundry Pro Will Pay for Itself

As long as your system is set up correctly, you could see financial returns from the moment you turn it on. Laundry Pro can clean your clothes, sheets, and garments without the use of detergents or soaps. A Laundry Pro runs incredibly efficiently using a cold-water washing process, which means you’re also saving on energy costs since your washing machine doesn’t need to use hot water.

Pretty much immediately, you’ll see the advantages of a Laundry Pro system, and within a year of operating it you could save almost $1000. Did we mention that fabrics washed through a Laundry Pro system are softer, healthier, and their colors become brighter by the system’s unique washing process? Let’s look at why.

How a Laundry Pro Works

Originally developed in cooperation with NASA to work on the International Space Station, the Laundry Pro system doesn’t scrub clothes like normal washing machines with the use of soaps and detergents. This system lifts the stains, contaminants, and other problematic particles from your fabrics with the use of Oxygen based oxidizers, keeping your fabrics soft and fluffy as well as clean.

Sure, if you’d like to use detergent or soap for those really tough stains you can do so—but you’ll only need to use a tiny fraction of the amount you used to. This means when the process is done, you’ll be depositing a healthier, less chemical-laden solution into the environment to lower your impact on the ecosystem around your Slidell, LA home. Laundry Pro is a futuristic and eco-friendly way of doing laundry.

Laundry Pro Needs Professional Installation

While you might have heard rumors that a Laundry Pro system can be installed by anyone, we’d like to remind you that such a high-tech piece of equipment could have serious problems if installed inappropriately. There is a pressurized hose, several electrical components, and other items that need to be accurately hooked up for your system to run properly.

That’s why you can’t go wrong with our team here in Slidell, LA. We provide thorough installation, can address any repairs you need, assist you with yearly routine maintenance, and can complete a replacement if your system just won’t cut it anymore. If you’re ready to take the dive into a powerful laundry solution that can outperform every other laundry machine, call our team of experts today!

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