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Dual Fuel Systems in Slidell, LA

Dual fuel systems are some of the most effective and energy-efficient systems on the market. If you’re looking for a comprehensive heating and cooling system that’s going to keep your home comfortable for every day of the year—then it’s time to have a hybrid heat dual fuel system installed. Dual fuel heat systems combine the power of the gas furnace with the efficiency and energy utilization of a heat pump to keep your bills low and your home comfortable.

That’s why you need the team at Gowland's Heating & A/C, to make sure your system is set up accordingly. We operate on a set of values practiced by each technician on our team. With a tight knit crew operating under an umbrella of a family-owned company, we radiate skill, devotion to the job, and qualifications that exceed our competition.

Don’t let your home fall below your comfort standards. Let us hook you up with a new hybrid heat dual fuel heating system today. Relationship over revenue.

The Benefits of a Dual Fuel System

When working with a professional team to purchase a dual fuel system installation, you’re going to want a team that ties up all the loose ends. A dual fuel system that’s installed correctly will be able to combat everything from mild temperatures to the most extreme cold and the windy storms.

When cold spikes hit Slidell, LA, heat pumps lose their ability to heat your home properly. A professionally put together dual fuel system will have an automatic switch that allows it to easily and effectively change from its efficient heat pump which runs for most of the year, to the gas furnace when temperatures are too low for the pump to work well.

What a Professionally Installed Hybrid Heat System Means for You

Whether you’re getting a brand-new installation, or you’re replacing your old heat pump or furnace with an effective hybrid system, you’ll get several benefits from professional handiwork. Firstly, you can count on having less frequent repairs when having a professional team install the system for you. Dual fuel heat pumps are complicated pieces of machinery, and they require expert work to be installed correctly.

Secondly, you can bet that your dual fuel heat pump and furnace will also have an extended lifespan due to the care and close attention that our team pays towards your system. By having an amateur work on your installation or replacement, you risk a plethora of problems that are bound to occur and eventually an early replacement again. Contact our team for a job that’s done right.

Experience and Affordability

Since hybrid heat dual fuel systems essentially contain two heaters in one, they are incredibly complex pieces of machinery. When calling a team for repairs, maintenance, or any other type of service, you’re going to need the most experienced staff you can get your hands on.

Problems with a gas furnace can quickly turn into safety hazards when neglected. We’ll make sure you’ve got properly installed carbon monoxide detectors to ensure you’re never in danger. Heat pumps also require a room by room evaluation to pinpoint exactly which ones will be the coldest or warmest during the peak seasons of usage. Whether it’s maintenance or repair, it’s clear that you’re going to want the most experienced team in Slidell, LA. Call Gowland's Heating & A/C today!

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