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Duct Services in Slidell, LA

Whether you need duct testing or duct sealing in Slidell, LA, we’ve got you covered. These services can save you an inordinate amount of money when it comes to your heating and cooling costs. Air ducts that are neglected tend to leak up to 30% of your treated air, which can be devastating for a family on a budget.

When you call Gowland's Heating & A/C, we make sure to provide quality duct services at your convenience, not ours. We provide free estimates (free estimates are on replacement equipment only, not free diagnostics), a great selection of duct service dates that fit your schedule, and excellent prices that could save you money in the long run. We’re a family-owned, local business that prides ourselves on our relationships that we form with customers, which are always more important than the revenue we make from a sale.

Let us keep your ducts in the condition you deserve. Call our team today. Relationship over revenue.

What Duct Testing Can Do for You

Duct testing is what lets us see how effective your Slidell, LA home’s air duct system is. Without a thorough duct test, you’re never going to know, with empirical data, how efficient your heating and cooling systems are working. Thankfully, we’ve got the right equipment to test your air ducts and give you an accurate account of how much air is being wasted.

Duct testing can fill us in on the next step that your air ducts will need. Whether you need duct sealing, repair, or replacement, we’ve got you covered with the information that you need to know how much these services will help. Duct testing surveys your home air ducts, giving you a clear path forward to how you can increase the performance of your HVAC systems.

Repair or Replacement: Which One Is Right?

This is a question we get all the time and with our duct testing services, we can tell you exactly which of these services will be right for your home. The truth is, we can’t tell you which is right for your home without having a thorough inspection with the right tools. Depending on the current quality of your air ducts, you might need either repair or replacement services.

However, we can tell you what to expect. If your ducts need a bit of sealing or a small amount of repair, we can perform this task with quality and care. And if your system has deteriorated to the point where repairs would be too intensive and too expensive, we can perform our expert duct replacement service to keep your home comfortable for the lowest possible price.

What Duct Sealing Can Do for You

Duct sealing is a process that not every HVAC company in Slidell, LA can do. It’s an expert service, depending heavily on the material of your ductwork, the layout of your home, and the efficiency of your heating or cooling system. However, with properly sealed air ducts, you’ll be able to run your heater or air conditioner with the peace of mind knowing that it is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Sealing your ducts saves you money, energy, and is better for the environment. It’s a process that’s affordable, simple, and can be done in a timely manner when performed by an experienced team. That’s why when you’re in a jam, you should call Sam!

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