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Slidell, LA HVAC Zone Systems

With state-of-the-art technology like a VRV Life System, there’s no end to how precise you can get with your air conditioning. The benefits of working with an American Standard unit are endless, since we’re well equipped to deal with your air conditioning system, while providing unique zone control abilities as well. Zone control is all about customization and precision control, which means you’re losing out if you don’t sign up with a team that can get the job done.

Contact Gowland's Heating & A/C today for accurate, high-tech solutions for your heating or cooling system. We work with brands like American Standard, Trane, and Mitsubishi to make sure that you’ve got the right piece of equipment for your home. When it comes to zone control systems, you’re better off working with our NATE-certified team and locally owned business here in Slidell, LA

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How the VRV Life System Works

The VRV Life system is the industry’s first VRV heat pump. VRV stands for variable refrigerant volume, which is a sophisticated way of saying that it’s a high-tech type of air conditioner that runs several air handlers on the same loop of refrigerant, allowing for extremely precise control over cooling power. By using more air handlers and more refrigerant than an average system, they can provide increased energy efficiency, more powerful cooling, while taking up similar space.

VRV heat pumps only contain refrigerant as their primary coolant, which means they’re powerful and centralized due to the connection between all the air handlers in your home. You can avoid your usual family arguments over temperature in the home, because you’ll have a simple, centralized apparatus to keep your system running at exact temperatures in each room.

Why Pay for a VRV Life System?

You’re not just getting a high-tech American Standard piece of equipment; you’re getting a home solution for all your comfort issues. Zone systems can help you mitigate hot or cold spots, save money on efficiency by not needing to continuously turn your thermostat up and down when trying to find the right temperature, and give you an easier time getting comfortable.

A VRV Life System is going to give you absolute access to your comfort system, enabling you to dictate which rooms will be heated or cooled to which temperature, allowing you to use your HVAC system to the fullest extent. This system functions silently, conveniently, and easily enough that your whole family can use it! Contact our team today if you are interested.

An HVAC System That Works Together

Your average heat pump solution will cycle refrigerant between an air handler and an outside unit, but a VRV Life system shares the refrigerant between multiple air handlers, allowing each of your air handlers to work together. This will lower your Slidell, LA electrical bill by allowing your system to share the refrigerant, and by association the heat, throughout your home while you decide where it should be dispersed.

VRV Life systems are, simply put, some of the most high-tech heat pumps on the market today. They’re a zone control system that can provide you with exceptional control over your heating and cooling. Thankfully, we also provide installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement for your VRV Life system, ensuring it gets the care it needs through the entirety of its lifespan.

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