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Slidell, LA AC Installation & Replacement

Air conditioners are a necessity in Slidell, LA. A properly installed or replaced air conditioner is even more of a necessity, if you ask us. That’s because such a huge investment should never be prone to breaking down within a few years! With Gowland's Heating & A/C in Slidell, you’ll never have to worry about having your air conditioner installed or replaced with issues.

That’s because we’re a team full of professional, knowledgeable technicians. When our team works on your system, you can rest easy knowing that you’re being taken care of by a family-owned, local company that cares more about the community than our commission.

Get your air conditioner installation done the right way, call our team today. Relationship over revenue.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement in Slidell, LA

AC replacement or installation needs to be thorough, to say the least. We’re always baffled by how many homeowners in Slidell, LA, get their systems installed by an amateur, who, of course, has the potential to mess something up to the point of needing a whole new air conditioner.

When you get your system installed by an amateur, you risk having it sized incorrectly. When the AC is fitted for your home, it needs to be sized to the appropriate air volume, otherwise it will not perform a full cycle and will both consume more energy and put additional stress on its interior components. The only remedy to a problem this bad is a whole new air conditioning replacement. That’s why you’re always better off working with our NATE-certified specialists.

When to Tell It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Often times we’re called to repair an air conditioner that’s been on its way out for a few years in Slidell, LA. AC systems show pretty clear signs when they’re in need of an air conditioning replacement.

  • Loud noises. If your system is making loud noises while it operates, like a clanging, banging, or screeching noise, then you might be dealing with an air conditioner that should be retired.
  • Frequent repairs. If you’re constantly having to call a professional technician for repairs, it might be time for an AC replacement.
  • Expensive repairs. If you’re paying way too much for your air conditioner, at least half the cost of a new air conditioning unit, then you absolutely should consider a replacement air conditioner.
  • Age. Air conditioners are only supposed to last about 10–15 years in the best of cases. If your system is getting up there in age, then you should consider replacing it.

Call the Professionals Today

Replacements and Installations for an air conditioner should not be done by an amateur under any circumstances. Regardless of how affordable an amateur’s service might be, you could end up paying far more in the long run for the repairs and replacements that are going to have to correct the subpar services.

That’s why our team offers service that exceeds customer expectation. We make sure that your home is accurately cooled to the temperature you want while making sure that all the equipment is running to warranty and personal standards. Not to mention the fact that we’ve got the best warranty in the business, there’s no reason not to call our friendly, local, and professional team today!

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