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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Slidell, LA

The comfort issues we have with extreme heat or chilly days here in Slidell, LA sometimes pale in comparison to issues with humidity. While it might be more obvious when you’re too hot or too cold, the sweaty, sticky, uncomfortable feeling of humidity during our hot summers can be overwhelming to many homeowners—which is why having the best dehumidifier in Slidell, LA you can get your hands on is absolutely essential.

So, why not talk to your local, family-owned contractor Gowland's Heating & A/C who are trained, experienced, and well-equipped to handle your humidity needs? We’re all about forming relationships over earning revenue by offering unique propositions like our American Standard 10 year parts warranty as well as our flexible schedule. We’re here to help and we want you to know that. Call us for a whole house humidifier today!

If you’re in a jam, call Sam! Relationship over Revenue.

How the Best Dehumidifier or Humidifier Works

While everyone might know what a dehumidifier is, many homeowners don’t necessarily know how they work. Dehumidifiers run the humid air in your home through a coil that’s cooled by refrigerant, where the air gets dried and the moisture condenses to fall into a collection tray or drain. This means that to get your dehumidifier working properly, you’ll need to get it professionally installed and serviced.

Making sure you get the best humidifier is just as important as well. Humidifiers basically work by emitting water vapor into your home to ensure there’s a comfortable level of humidity in the air when you breathe. A whole house humidifier must do this on a larger scale, making sure it can provide the quality humidity you need throughout every room in the house.

Dehumidifier Repair at Your Convenience, Not Ours

If you’re in the market for dehumidifier repair because you just can’t stand your faulty system during our muggy days here in Slidell, LA, then you’re in luck! We provide extensive dehumidifier repair and maintenance, as well as installation and replacement in case you’re in need of a new one! Dehumidifiers can be essential down here in the Big Easy, since humidity can cause any home to become sweaty, sticky, and uncomfortable.

Our installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services come with our humidifiers as well! If you’re trying to stay healthy during our dry winter months, you’re going to want the best humidifier service you can get your hands on. Our service is affordable, convenient, and done by NATE-certified professionals who are more than equipped enough to keep you happy.

The Benefits of Quality Humidifier Service

Whether it’s a dehumidifier or a whole house humidifier, having professionals be the ones to install and maintain it is always worth the money. These systems become integral to keeping you and your family healthy, especially if you’ve got family members with compromised immune systems, auto-immune diseases, or skin conditions that need a particularly humid environment.

When an amateur works on your humidification systems, you risk having the balance of your air out of whack. A home that’s too humid will quickly become an uncomfortable nuisance, and a home that’s become too dry will make it easier for you to catch diseases like colds, and you’ll be sneezing more than you’d like. Contact Sam to let us help you get out of this humidification jam!

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