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Energy Audits in Slidell, LA

An energy audit, or a home energy assessment, is the perfect tool to analyze your home performance and find unique ways to improve it. Whether we’re performing a pressure test to see how well-sealed your home is or we’re using specialized equipment to gauge the performance of your HVAC system and other appliances, we’ll be able to break it down for you.

Home energy efficiency is nothing to joke about, which is why you need the most serious team to get the job done right. With Gowland's Heating & A/C, we’ll perform a thorough energy evaluation because we’re committed to exceeding customer expectations, and we’ve got years of experience to prove it. We work diligently to achieve industry standard qualifications, as well as showing up every day in our community because we value the relationships we make.

Don’t forget that if you’re in a jam, remember to call Sam! Relationship over revenue.

Recover the Energy You Lose Every Day

Home energy audits are not just about finding ways to improve efficiency, they’re also about finding where your systems are lacking and recovering that energy. If you notice that certain appliances, like a heater or a set of lights, is running up your bill and wasting energy, then evaluating your home energy efficiency can be the key to recovering.

Energy recovery can be a process that seems like a hassle at first but will leave you smiling at the end of the day. The money you save from keeping your systems running efficiently will allow you to finally go on that vacation or take your family to the movies, knowing you’re saving energy and money where it counts. Help the environment and your budget with our energy recovery program.

This Is Not a DIY Job

Sure, saving energy here and there with amateur tips can save a few bucks, but professional service can save anywhere from 5–30% on your energy bills, which can add up to a substantial amount. This is simply not achievable with amateur service because it takes a specific set of skills, certifications, and technical expertise to pinpoint where your energy is being wasted.

We check everything from light fixture efficiency to duct leaks, wall insulation effectiveness, major appliance waste, and more! This can be extraordinarily helpful when considering HVAC system upgrades, or any other type of home addition in your Slidell, LA home, since you’ll be able to see just where your energy is going and how much it will cost in utility bills.

Get Your Home Audited by a Trusted Team

Sometimes it can be hard to trust a team to evaluate your water heater efficiency or the energy waste from your HVAC systems when you know they’re trying to upsell you. We’re not that kind of team. If your water heater is working to your standards, we’ll do everything in our power to measure and audit so that you’re comfortable with your energy consumption.

Only if you want to start recovering energy or making changes will we provide solutions for you. The upgrades we offer are just that—recommendations that you can decide if you’re ready to take advantage of or not. Your home efficiency is your own and we will do everything in our power to make sure it meets your standards. Call our Slidell, LA team today!

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