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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Heat Pump Services in Lacombe, LA

If you’re looking for quality air conditioning, heating, and other HVAC services in Lacombe, LA then we can help you out. Here at Gowland's Heating & A/C, our motto is "relationship over revenue" because we’re committed to developing relationships with all of our customers by doing a great job regardless of how much money we make. We’ve got one of the best warranties in the business, staff who are certified and qualified for any job we offer, and a dedication to comfort excellence that we’d like to share. Ready for a new level of HVAC comfort? Call us today!

Give your home the treatment it deserves, contact our team. Relationship over revenue.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Are you suffering from a strange problem with your air conditioner? Do you notice any strange noises, feel any strange rumbling, or are getting abnormally high bills from your AC system? It’s time to stop worrying and call the professionals. Our repair services are fast and effective, and our maintenance plan is perfect for prolonging the life of your system as well as keeping future repairs off your radar until there’s no choice. Give us a call!

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

AC systems are not disposable, they last for an extended period of time and they’re full of complex components that can be replaced and repaired when needed. However, just like a car or a lawnmower, there eventually comes a time when your AC just won’t do the job it once did. Efficiency standards are only getting better and the cost of energy is only getting higher, so you’re just inclined after 15 years to upgrade your AC system.

Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Heat pumps are incredibly popular in Lacombe, LA and for good reason! They provide a sound heating and cooling solution while saving you money and giving you the versatility, you deserve. However, a system as complex as a heat pump can’t be set up effectively by an amateur. Don’t fall for the trap of purchasing a system and trying to install it yourself to no avail-contact the professionals today for a fast, easy, and reliable installation.

Water Heater Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Did you know that we install, maintain, and repair heat pump water heaters? If you’re not happy with a gas-powered tank or tankless water heater, we’ve got an out of the box solution for homeowners who want a more energy-efficient system. Heat pumps use lines of refrigerant that transfer heat from outside your water tank to the inside. This is an incredibly energy-efficient process that doesn’t rely on creating heat. Call our team for heat pump water heater service.

Commercial HVAC in Lacombe, LA

Rooftop units are incredibly complex pieces of machinery. Having yourself or an amateur climb to your roof to service your building’s HVAC system is a recipe for disaster. Not only will this void your warranty and cost you massive amounts of money, but it’s dangerous and can be illegal depending on the types of refrigerant in your system and the components involved. Don’t gamble with such a serious concern-contact our professional Lacombe, LA team today!

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