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Duct Design in Slidell, LA

Air ducts need to be designed according to specific standards to maximize your air quality, temperature return, and HVAC system efficiency. This type of service is nigh impossible for an amateur to take over, since it requires precision calculations about the widths and lengths of your air ducts, as well as detailed blueprints of the most optimal paths they should take to heat or cool your rooms.

That’s where we come in! We’re Gowland's Heating & A/C, professional duct designers here in Slidell, LA with enough experience to get the job done fast and right. If you ever wondered about the calculations that would need to take place to have your ducts designed properly, you can ask us! We’re NATE-certified, rated by the Better Business Bureau, and are available at your convenience—not ours!

Get your ducts designed by the best team available. Contact us today! Relationship over revenue.

A Complex Project for Quality Professionals

Treated air needs to be properly distributed through your home, which means your air ducts need to be adequately designed. Not only do your ducts have to be properly sized, but they need to produce the right amount of airflow to your home. This can be measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute), since the air that you’re moving from a furnace to your room is measured by cubic feet.

You can probably already tell that the process is complicated and requires a decent amount of calculation when trying to maximize the CFM of air in rooms that will need to be heated or cooled. Basically, what we’re trying to say is that it’s up to qualified, certified professionals to take care of your duct design work. Amateurs simply can’t guarantee a correct duct job.

Lower the Need for Duct Repair

Well-performing air ducts that have been designed by professionals are statistically less likely to have issues needing repair and replacement. Sure, there might always be issues with your air ducts regardless of who designed them, but thanks to our precision equipment and our thorough investment in training our employees, the chances of duct problems drops drastically when you work with us for duct design.

Duct design is the first line of defense against air duct failure, repair, and replacement. While we can help you when those times unfortunately come, having your air ducts expertly measured, calculated, and designed will give you an edge other homeowners might not have access to.

The Benefits of Expert Duct Design

When you get your air ducts designed by the best team in Slidell, LA, you can benefit from a number of effects. Your HVAC system will have an easier time delivering heated or cooled air to you, increasing your comfort and lowering your bills. With a more efficient running HVAC system, your bills will be cheaper and you’ll use less energy overall!

Not only that, but well-designed air ducts can improve your air quality and help keep your system running silently. If you’ve ever heard poorly designed ducts in Slidell, LA, you’ll know how loud they can be. Don’t deal with banging ducts that are barely able to deliver treated air through your home. Contact our team today!

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