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    Are You Tired of Being Too Hot in Some Areas and Too Cold In Others? There is a solution! It's called Zone Control. A home not zoned will leave someone uncomfortable somewhere in your home. It's too much to expect one thermostat to provide perfect conditions for every room in your home. What is comfortable for the sleeping area may be uncomfortable for the living area and vice versa. A home not zoned is uncomfortable and costs you more in heating/cooling costs.


The purpose of the Zone system is to provide total comfort for your home or office. Motorized dampers are "opened" or "closed" by thermostats based on the temperature set point of the homeowner. The damper system will control the airflow through the ductwork and deliver ONLY the desired air to the desired location. Each thermostat has the ability to turn on and shut off the heating and cooling. The Zone system can accommodate several zone controls. This means that several thermostats can be installed in a home or building to control the temperature in each zone.

There are very few Zone components that are needed to make the zoning system function. The control panel is the "brain" of the system. The zone thermostats allow independent temperature control and the zone dampers control the airflow to the zone thermostats. A transformer is needed to power the system and occasionally a by-pass damper may be required.

The basic components of a Zone system are:
1) A Control Panel
2) Zone Thermostats
3) Zone Dampers
4) Dedicated Transformer
5) By-pass Damper
(If necessary)

Along with some thermostat wire, these are the only components that are needed to install a Zoned system.




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