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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Heat Pump Services in New Orleans, LA

It’s not the easiest to stay comfortable in the Big Easy. In fact, our humidity and scorching summer temperatures are legendary down here. What many homeowners might forget is that our winters do tend to get a bit chilly now and then. Having both a functioning air conditioning system and heating system is absolutely essential for living well. That’s why you can count on Gowland's Heating & A/C to be your Daikin Comfort Pro in giving you access to the best AC and heater brands available. We’re NATE-certified and BBB-rated so you know we’ve got the quality you can count on.

We’re the team that can get you the best warranty in the business-call us today! Relationship over revenue.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Air conditioners don’t last forever. In fact, some homeowners seem surprised when we tell them they’re only supposed to last up to 15 years in the best of cases. Look, we more than anyone else want to avoid the nightmare scenario of having your inverter AC or central air conditioner fall apart after a measly five years. If you can agree to that, then sign up for quality maintenance with our team today to have your system serviced appropriately.

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Are you worried about the conversation that might come with your AC repair, because you know that a replacement is in your near future? Don’t fret, we understand how stressful an AC replacement can sound on the surface. We promise that we’ll make the transition as simple, affordable, and efficient as possible with a system that could end up saving you money in the long run. Call us for any questions you might have.

Heat Pump Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Heat pumps are an interesting new piece of technology. In more extreme climates, heat pumps can be hard to use since they run much less efficiently. Luckily, our winters are incredibly mild, and a heat pump has a much easier time drawing heat into your home when temperatures begin to dip into chilly territory. Not only that, but heat pumps can be switched to a cooling mode as well, giving you quality air conditioning through our scorching summers too!

Water Heater Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Did you know that we service heat pump water heaters? These systems are incredibly efficient because they don’t need a gas burner or an electric coil to produce heat. Instead, they use heat pump technology-a line of refrigerant to draw heat from outside of your water heater toward the inside. This means you’re using heat that already exists in the world to keep your water hot and give you the comfort you deserve. Call us if you’re interested.

Commercial HVAC in New Orleans, LA

Business owners and building managers should feel peace of mind knowing that there’s a team like ours in New Orleans, LA who can provide the quality service they’re looking for. We’re NATE-certified, rated by the BBB, and we also provide service at your convenience-not ours. That means you’ll never have to worry when your rooftop unit starts to malfunction after hours. We’ll be there because we’re also members of your community.

Serving New Orleans and The Surrounding Area

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