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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas
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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas


Available at your convenience, not ours


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Protecting Your Home Sanctuary With Better Indoor Air Quality


The quality of the air inside homes is a growing concern today. In fact, indoor air quality can be much worse than the air outside—something people may find hard to believe, but it’s true. The reason for this rise in problems with indoor air quality (IAQ) is that modern homes are built with tight construction to limit heat loss and heat gain. That’s great when it comes to keeping heat from coming in during the summer and trapping valuable heat in the winter. But it has the side-effect of trapping indoor contaminants and letting them build up. The contemporary household has many sources of air pollutants, from chemical cleaners to people spreading germs.

But our team of Slidell, LA indoor air quality professionals can help protect your “sanctuary”—your home—and help keep the air in it as healthy as possible.

Introducing the Air Scrubber

Although we have many different installations that will improve your home’s IAQ, there’s one in particular we often recommend: the Air Scrubber. This is a piece of Certified Space Technology created in cooperation with NASA for use on the International Space Station. We can attach an Air Scrubber directly to your HVAC system and put it to work.

And what does it do? It removes most of the unwanted airborne particles circulating through the HVAC system. This includes:

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Pet dander
  • Dust
  • Odors
  • … and up to 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants

The special technology in the Air Scrubber uses light waves and a catalytic process to produce “air scrubber ions” that actively remove particles from the air. It’s stronger than standard passive filters or ionization air purifiers.

Other Options

We recommend any homeowners look into the Air Scrubber to improve IAQ. But we know it may not be the ideal choice for all homes, and there are other solutions we can install for you.

Standard air filters use meshes of fiber to trap particles attempting to pass through them. Filtration systems can be powerful and are effective at stopping dust and other larger particles. They must be carefully fitted to a home, however, since a filter that’s too strong will end up harming the HVAC system.

There are a range of electronic air purifications systems aside from the Air Scrubber. The UV air purifier (a.k.a. UV germicidal lights) are used to target bacteria, germs, mold spores, and other organic pollutants without introducing chemicals into the air.

If you want better ventilation in your house to help freshen the air, but you don’t want to fling open all the windows to let in the heat, the answer may be a heat recovery ventilator or energy recovery ventilator. These installations into the HVAC system pre-heat or pre-cool the incoming fresh air so your AC or heater doesn’t have to put in extra work.

Finally, if your house is too humid during the summer, we have whole-house dehumidifier installations that can fix it. Talk to our professionals today to learn more and schedule service.

Call on Gowland’s Heating & A/C for solutions to your indoor air quality issues in New Orleans. We value “Relationship over revenue!”

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