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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas
Available at your convenience, not ours

Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas


Available at your convenience, not ours


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Why Spring AC Maintenance Is So Important


When the warmth starts rising in Louisiana in March, we all know the big heat and humidity will arrive soon. There may still be cold surprises, but right now is the time to prepare for the mid-year weather change. One of the big steps homeowners need to take is to have HVAC professionals inspect and tune-up their air conditioning systems as part of maintenance

You’ve never heard of this? Or you haven’t remembered to do it? We’re glad we caught you, because this is as important a job as you can have done for your AC. We cannot overestimate how important air conditioning maintenance in Slidell, LA is for your comfort and budget.

What Maintenance Prevents

The best way to explain why maintenance is essential every year is to list what can happen when an AC misses out. It starts out small, but problems worsen fast…

  • Expensive operation: A bit of dust and dirt can affect how much work an AC does. Dust and dirt build up over time, and so does mechanical wear and stress on the air conditioner’s parts. Each year, an AC without maintenance will cost more to run. In fact, you can expect to pay 30% to 40% more to have cooling in your house if you don’t maintain the AC.
  • Too many repairs: Strain on AC parts also increases the likelihood of a repair problem, like leaking refrigerant or a busted motor. Around 85% of the repairs that affect an air conditioner are due to lack of maintenance. The difference with regular care is enormous—think about being able to prevent 85% of repairs over the AC’s lifetime!
  • Irregular and undependable: When you turn on the AC, you want it to cool. That’s why you have it. But if it isn’t cared for as it should be, you won’t have the assurance you need that it will always turn on. You may end up with unpleasant mid-summer shock from a busted AC.
  • Shorter life: As if paying too much to run the air conditioner and continuing to repair it weren’t enough, the cooling system won’t last long without maintenance. A well-maintained AC can often reach 15 years of service. A poorly maintained one may go extinct in only 8 years.
  • Voided warranty: “What’s the problem? My warranty will protect me.” Yeah, about that. Manufacturer’s warranties protect you from factory faults. If the AC fails when it hasn’t received regular maintenance, it can void the warranty and you won’t have protection from any type of malfunction.

Sign Up for Maintenance Today

We offer a maintenance program to simplify regular AC care. It blends with our philosophy of helping to take care of our customers rather than making big sales. The maintenance program tunes-up your AC and offers benefits such as discounts and no overtime charges. We’ll work with you to ensure the longest and most effective service life for your AC, with few repairs. And when you do have repairs, no worries! We’re available at your convenience, not ours.

Gowland’s Heating & A/C believes in “Relationship over revenue.” Schedule air conditioning maintenance with us today.

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