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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas


Available at your convenience, not ours


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Is Air Conditioner Maintenance Necessary?


Of course, we strongly believe that regular, professional maintenance of the various parts of your HVAC system is the best thing you can do to keep your home in good condition. But life is busy and hectic, and sometimes you have to prioritize. If you’re only going to do the things that are most critical for your home, should air conditioner maintenance be a priority? Is it really necessary?

To Reduce Your Electric Bill

By cleaning all parts of the AC unit, and lubricating moving parts that rub together, routine maintenance cuts down on friction and thus allows the system to run more easily, with less strain. This means it will use less energy to run. Over the course of a year, your air conditioner’s efficiency drops about 5%. If you go longer without maintenance, that efficiency will keep dropping.

  • Is air conditioner maintenance necessary to keep your electric bill from rising more and more each year? Yes.

To Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Performance

When your air conditioner isn’t straining against all that dust and friction, it won’t just use less energy, it will create more cool air more easily. It will even distribute it more effectively, because maintenance improves airflow. Your home will be more comfortable, and more evenly cool, when you have maintenance done every year.

  • Is air conditioner maintenance necessary to make sure you get top performance from your system? Yes.

To Reduce the Likelihood of Breakdowns and Repair Needs

When AC maintenance is done annually, it reduces the likelihood that you’ll need any repairs by a whopping 85%! This means you’ll be saving money by not needing major repairs done. It also means you’re avoiding the massive inconvenience of having your air conditioner break down during a heat wave, leaving you dripping sweat while you wait for a technician.

  • Is air conditioner maintenance necessary to avoid breakdowns and repairs? Yes.

To Maximize the Lifespan of the System

An air conditioner should last at least ten years. They can often last for twelve or even a bit more than that. Because they’re a big investment, you want to get as many summers out of them as possible. Maintenance makes that possible. But if you don’t have maintenance done, that life expectancy could be cut in half. Do you want to be buying a new air conditioner every 5-7 years? Of course not!

  • Is air conditioner maintenance necessary to keep your system running for more than a decade? Yes.

To Keep Your Air Conditioner Under Warranty

When an appliance is covered by a warranty, this means that the manufacturer may pay for certain costs that come up. This could include replacement parts or repairs in some situations. It could save you a lot of money! But AC warranty agreements almost always include a clause specifying that the system must receive annual maintenance by a licensed technician or the warranty will be voided.

  • Is air conditioner maintenance necessary to keep your system under warranty? Yes.

This is why we say it’s necessary to get air conditioning maintenance in Slidell, LA every year.

When you need AC maintenance, contact Gowland’s Heating & A/C today! Relationship over revenue!

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