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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas
Available at your convenience, not ours

Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas


Available at your convenience, not ours


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Grade Your AC’s Summer Performance


Your air conditioning system doesn’t go to school and come back with report cards. But we recommend you give your AC a report card at the end of every summer because it’s a good way for you to analyze the system’s performance. Fall is an ideal time to make upgrades or even a full replacement to your AC, and the grade you give the air conditioner will help you think about your future home cooling.

Use the classic grading system of “A” through “F” and answer this question: “How would I rate the overall performance of my air conditioning this summer?”

I give my AC an “A”

Great! And we would wager that two of the reasons you were satisfied with your air conditioner’s cooling over the summer was it was professionally installed and you scheduled maintenance for it in spring. Keep up with what you’re doing: regular professional maintenance is the best service you can have for an air conditioner.

Uhm, a “B” sounds about right

Not too bad. But ask yourself why you’re holding back from that 4.0 grade. Do you think the AC is starting to decline? Does it seem to take longer to cool down the house? You may have a hidden repair problem or a system that’s getting up in years. Either way, during your next maintenance appointment, ask your technician about what might be wrong.

I give it a disappointing “C”

A “C” may still count as passing in school, but it’s not what you want to give your air conditioner. Sounds like you had to call for repairs during this summer, or you’ve noticed for certain that the quality of your household comfort is dropping. Or maybe the AC is making more noise than before. We recommend you call us soon to see if the system needs repairs—it may be on its way to an actual breakdown.

It’s bad: “D”

You are not getting the cooling performance you deserve from your air conditioner and you know it. It’s breaking down regularly, and the house is usually too hot. The air conditioner either needs repairs right away or it’s time to schedule a replacement. You shouldn’t put up with inferior cooling like this and the constant risk the AC will stop working.

A big fat “F”

In other words, your air conditioner is not working—and may never work again. Call us right away to get started on an AC installation that will get a proud “A” every summer for many summers to come.

We’re the New Orleans, LA, HVAC company that can help you navigate the options for the best in air conditioning. If you have any reservations about your AC’s performance based on how you graded it, don’t hesitate to call us. We are honest with our customers, and we won’t try to push you to purchase a system or service you don’t need. If we can repair your faulty AC and give you more years of quality cooling, we’ll tell you. And we’ll also tell you when you’ll be much better off with a replacement system.

Gowland’s Heating & A/C is available at your convenience, not ours. Call the team that values “Relationship over revenue!”

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