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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas
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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas


Available at your convenience, not ours


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Reasons You’re Getting Uneven Heating Around Your Home


You have a central heating system in your house so you can have heat distributed throughout the living space. Getting warmth in each room is the purpose of one of these systems. So if you start using your heater this season and discover not all the rooms are as warm as they usually are, you’re correct in thinking something is wrong. Uneven heating can signal several problems, from minor to severe, with your HVAC system.

To help you enjoy the best heating in Madisonville, LA, we’ll look at the reasons you may have uneven heating as the weather starts to cool down. Our technicians can help figure out what the problem is and offer professional solutions that will restore your home’s ideal comfort.

A clogged air filter

The filter for your HVAC system protects the interior of the heater and AC from dust and other debris that comes through the return air ducts. The filter will become clogged after one to three months, and the restriction of airflow means a lower volume of air is heated. Clogged filters are the source of numerous problems in an HVAC system, so always stay on top of regular changes with the filter.

A faulty thermostat

Thermostat miscalibrations often lead to inferior heating in a home. If the thermostat misreads the temperature by several degrees, it will shut off early, before all the rooms in the house heat up. If you have a zone control system, one or more of the room thermostats may be malfunctioning and keep the HVAC system from sending heated air to that room. Technicians can recalibrate thermostats and make repairs to the zone control system. 

An overheating system

A furnace can overheat and shut down early, which will result in less heat getting to all the rooms. This is often due to motors that are wearing down or which are suffering from the extra strain. Something similar can happen with heat pumps where the blower motor overheats and trips a circuit breaker, shutting the heat pump down early.

Leaky air ducts

The trouble may be within the ductwork carrying heated air to the rooms. If a duct has air leaks, a large amount of the heated air headed to the room vent connected to that duct will escape (it can be up to 30% of the air). That will leave the room colder and will also waste energy in general. You’ll need HVAC professionals to locate and seal up the leaks to solve this problem. 

An oversized heater

If this is a new heating system, the trouble may be that it was incorrectly installed so it’s too powerful (oversized) for the home. An oversized heater will turn itself off early because it will inaccurately sense it has already completed the job. The only solution to an oversized heater is to replace it with one that is correctly sized.

An aging heater

If your furnace is over its estimated service life, then uneven heating often indicates the system is in a final decline. Repair may be able to help for a bit, but at this point the more cost-effective solution is to invest in a new heating system. 

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