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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas
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Serving New Orleans and the Surrounding Areas


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How Poor Duct Designs Affects Your HVAC System and Home


Ducts are an essential part of the majority of homes. They’re responsible for the circulation of air around a house and the delivery of heating and cooling from the heater and the AC. 

Unfortunately, many homes have ducts with poor designs and bad installations.

A house may have beautiful construction and impeccable interior design, but hidden behind the walls and up in the attic lurks ductwork that was hastily cobbled together from pre-fabricated parts and installed with a focus on speed over craftsmanship. 

What’s even worse is that homeowners often are unaware of these poor designs. It’s easy to notice bad craftsmanship on the inside of your home, such as drape brackets that rip off the wall or chipped wainscoting, but what about the ducts hidden within your home?

Poor duct design will have a major impact on your HVAC system as well as your home, so it’s something you’ll want to have corrected. We’ll look at how bad ducts can turn into trouble in your house.

Poor Duct Design Wastes Money

A good duct design emphasizes efficiency: moving air from one place to another with the minimum amount of resistance.

If the ductwork is filled with numerous bends and kinks, or the ducts are the wrong size, it will make the HVAC system labor much harder just to get air to all the vents.

It’s like an unnecessarily curvy road: you have to spend more time driving on it, using up gas, while making extra effort to navigate all those twists and turns.

Poor design wastes money in another way—air leaks. Extra air pressure makes it easy for leaks to start, and if stretches of ducts don’t have enough support, they’ll sag and start to tear open joints and seams. When air begins to escape from the ductwork, it wastes the money used to heat and cool that air.

Poor Duct Design Impairs Air Circulation

People often don’t realize how important proper air circulation is for comfort. It’s not enough just to have a working air conditioner and heater—the air needs to easily flow around the house to allow for the proper distribution of temperatures.

Bad ducts will create uneven heating and cooling, leaving hot and cold spots around the house. Poor air circulation also contributes to humidity issues, making a house feel muggy and the air stagnant. 

Poor Duct Design Harms Indoor Air Quality

Over time, ducts develop layers of dust and other debris, and eventually they’ll need professional cleaning. Badly designed and installed ducts will pick up dust much faster because of their inferior airflow.

The duct will turn into a reservoir for airborne contaminants that will continue to circulate through the air of the home, lowering indoor air quality. This can be especially harmful for people who have allergies and asthma.

If you suspect you have poorly designed ducts in your house, reach out to our team. We’ll examine your HVAC system and find out if a change in duct design in Slidell, LA will fix the problems.

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